Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Party

It is the beginning of this wonderful season of leaves, colors, and holidays. So, to celebrate we had a fall party at school. 

I won't pretend like it wasn't complete chaos, because it was. And I won't pretend that I was sad to have it over with, because I SO wasn't. And I won't pretend that I made the cutest little snacks (see below), because I didn't.
But I will tell you that the kids had a blast!

Since not all families do the whole Halloween thing, we just made scarecrows instead. They were kind of a lot of prep work, but I had a sweet parent whole helped me prepare. They turned out pretty cute.

And then the best part of the whole party was this adorable treat made by a very talented parent. They made oranges into jack-o-lanterns and filled them with fruit. The kids and the parents alike thought they were awesome! Wish I really could have taken credit for these.

What to do on a cold Thursday night...

All of the sudden it is cold. And dark. And only 4:30.

I needed some comfort. And I was hungry. And I had chicken in the fridge.

(Which is actually the solution to many problems, in my opinion.)

Now, I can't take credit for creating the chicken or the recipe, but I will take credit for the following pictures.

And I take credit for the good feeling in my belly as well. YUMMMMM!