Friday, November 27, 2009

Gobble, gobble, chop, chop, punch,punch!

This has been one fun-filled holiday week! I love Thanksgiving holiday break and getting to be with my family and enjoy the end of the fall weather... It has been one of the most restful, relaxing breaks in a while.
I was blessed enough to be off work for three days and decided to spend them at home with the parents. Wednesday night, I got to go to church with them at our
"home church" which has been a looong time coming. However, there weren't many people there, so we joined the kids and watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Quite the change of plans.
Thanksgiving morning, woke up early, rushed to the TV with my Dunkin' Doughnuts coffee to
watch the Macy's parade, only to find that I can't turn the TV on. I don't know how. Who needs three remotes anyways? Bummer. But never fear, I asked for help, got it on, and alas... the cable's out. Rats. But it was fixed eventually, and the day was off!
Went to Grandma's and Granddaddy's for lunch. Yummy fried turkey, delicious!!! Had TONS of food, played dress-up with Grace and Gweneth while the boys laid on their bellies and shot at targets in the cold. One visit down, one to go. Off to Granny and Papaw's Thanksgiving celebration! Actually, off to Joe and Becky's in their new house. We had MORE good food and more great visiting. I got to spend some time with my cousins, too!
We entertain ourselves well. And although we did still cause somewhat of a ruckus, it was only contagious laughter.
Then, no Thanksgiving is complete without some Black Friday shopping, right? So mom and I put on our game faces and brave the crowds... at about 11:00ish. Never said we were THAT crazy. We did get some lovely purchases and sufficiently wore ourselves out. Hurried home to catch the last bit of daylight because it was time to go find and cut down a real Christmas tree! Dad and I zipped over to the family property and searched out the perfect tree. Finally, we found it, a true beauty. Drug it out, trimmed it down, got sticky with some sap. And most importantly, began the Christmas season!
And topped off a fun day with possibly the best part of all... I might have gotten a wii for my birthday and I might have asked to have it early, and my mom might have agreed. Amazing! So, the day was wrapped up nicely with pointing and laughing at my family. As any day should be ended, ha!
Very thankful for all of these memories made this Thanksgiving!

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