Monday, November 9, 2009

Crunchy leaves are a must for this season.

It is completely fall outside, and I am thoroughly enjoying it! Perfect weather to go for a walk, take pictures of beautiful trees and eat outside. I love this season. And likewise, I love fall clothes that go along with it. Cardigans and hoodies, corduroys and "fashion scarves", nothing better!
And not only is the out-of-doors in a beautiful stage right now, but so is life in general. God is so good and faithful! I have definitely felt the lulls of a spiritual journey these past few months, but lately I have had people placed in my life that have shown me God is still involved and actively working. He is teaching me some lessons, too. Not always fun, but I am beginning to see a point to it all.
I seem to have the uncanny ability to over-commit myself in every area. When I get extra time, I agree to do more things thinking I have loads of time. Reality tells me I may never completely break this habit. That said, God is using all of these things I am involved in to stretch me and open my eyes to others who I have chosen to overlook in the past. And conversations with some wonderful people have also reminded me that I have a bigger purpose here on Earth other than myself. I encounter so many people every day who are carrying around all of their troubles, but I rarely stop to listen. So, here are the fall resolutions;
I will make a concentrated effort to reach out to others before my own desires.
I will quit filling up my time with meaningless business.
I will make time for God, most importantly.
So, here's to a wonderful season and another day to love others.

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