Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is Peter Pan really a boy, and if so, why is he always played by a girl???

This year, our school calendar included a fall break which we celebrated last week. A full WEEK off in the middle of the long stretch. It was amazing, it was fabulous, it was spent in Disney World!
Now some people think that Disney is just aimed at the younger audiences, but I beg to differ. We screamed more than any 6 year-old, and were more giddy as well. I think we made the others around us feel our joy... or maybe we just annoyed them. Either way, we LOVED every moment.
Then, back to the real world: report cards and parent-teacher conferences. Possibly the busiest week of the year thus far! And in the middle of all that, I was lucky enough to attend TPAC with my family and see "Little House on the Prairie". It was awesome, much singing and creative dancing. A fun night in all.
And then tonight we celebrated my Dad's 52nd birth year. Pretty big deal! While dinner was nice, I must admit I get the most enjoyment out of simply playing with the girls and talking with the adults at home. Something about being around children makes me think I can still BE one too.
Grace had her little bike still inside and since Brandon had been riding Liz's bike in the house before, I took the liberty to ride Grace's tricycle. Problem is I am a little bit bigger than her. Knees out, elbows pointy, I trucked around the living/ dining room area. Just long enough for my brother to begin chasing me with his Iphone, threatening to put me on You Tube. So I quit. The girls were encouraging me, what's an aunt to do?!?
And of course, before any family gathering is complete, the big brother decides to throw me over his shoulder and spin as fast as he can... good idea after three cheese biscuits?
He had it coming.
Good times and good memories. Now if I can make it through parent conferences tomorrow, this week will be in the bag. The Halloween bag...

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