Monday, September 7, 2009

Cheesecake, anyone?

One of my favorite things to do when I was six, and still remains in the top 5 favorites now, is celebrate birthdays. And this past weekend, we were able to celebrate Sarah's twenty-(cough) birthday. 
First great part of the whole birthday shin-dig is getting a good gift that will provide the appropriate squeals and excitement. Which Betsy and I did, scouring the mall and sifting through the teeny-bopper jewelry to find just the right Sarah-gift. 
Next... surprise! Mindy is coming to Nashville to celebrate. So, the agenda holds dinner and a movie and then of course more food (dessert! duh). Luckily the four of us don't mind and, in fact, enjoy the cheesy, predictable chick flick. After crying our way through the movie (tears from laughter instead of sadness though... except for Mindy who did get a little wet-eye from sappiness, but no shame) After the movie and a trip to the bathroom to fix the runny mascara, I spotted a photo booth. Ohhhh, we have to check and see if this something we NEED to do. And for only three dollars, we decide we DO need to try this. The challenge, fitting four people into a very small photo booth made for two.
So, here we go, money inserted and trying to get all four heads into the picture when FLASH, picture one taken! Ahhh, so not ready for that one, but we'll be ready for the next one... FLASH! Dang it, caught us again. Move faster and stop screaming girls. FLASH! 
One more chance, smile, stay still, chin up, move your head... FLASH! It's over. Laughter ensues as we roll out of the booth and anticipate our pictures. 
Cheesecake and presents, nothing to compare to the pictures that will memorialize this night. Ahhh, I love birthdays.

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