Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome to "twenty-ten"!

It is officially the new year and while I am not totally sure what to call this new year, (twenty-ten, two thousand ten, o-ten) it has definitely begun! I always wonder how many people actually celebrate the new year not sleeping? Sleep was looking like the most appealing option to ringing in the new year, but instead I celebrated in the movie theater watching Sherlock Holmes. Not the worst idea ever, just a little anti-climactic. But on January 1, the new year really got rolling. We (Betsy, Brooke and I) decided to go visit our newly-married friends, Laura and Luke. I was super pumped about this little excursion, especially because they live in Atlanta and there is some major shopping to be done in that city! We made a whirl-wind trip down, visited the Coke Museum and walked around in amazement at IKEA.
So, Atlanta was great, as well as good friends... Can't wait to see what else the new year holds!

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