Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Miss Hannah is Bananas!

Not too long ago, I was at school checking my school mail. Inside my box I have received some odd things. Mostly things cleared from the shelf at Kroger. Christmas cards in March, Valentine's cards in April, Easter stick-ons in May... you get the idea. But this day it was something non-Kroger-ish. It was a book. A children's chapter book. A lovely pink color. With a post-it on the front which read: I saw this book and thought you might enjoy it. No signature. Here is a picture.
My first reaction was to laugh, cause that is pretty stinkin' funny. My second reaction was that the title is all too true. My third reaction was to ask myself, "Who ELSE knows that this title is true?"

Well, I figured I should share the laugh with my students and co-workers, so I flashed it around asking, "Did YOU put this in my box?" No one was confessing. It was so thoughtful and amusing, I NEEDED to find out who delivered this laugh to me.

After some investigating I found out that one of our lovely kindergarten teachers had seen it at the book store with her girls and felt I needed it. So, thank you, Mrs. Bell, for not only making me smile, but making my class roar with delight and beg that the book be read aloud.

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