Saturday, August 20, 2011

Movin' on up

Ringin' in the new year, school year that is. Finally got all my junk... I mean stuff, moved to my new classroom and all set up! I am officially swimming in the second grade sea now.

Since I am looping with my kiddos from first grade, I tried really hard to make it look different than last year. Here are some pictures of our new "home, sweet, home".

Here's the new library station. This is always my favorite part of the classroom. I want it to be super inviting, as if it were a cozy corner in a living room. So I used the old rug from my actual living room. It just happened to match pretty well.
Here is our calendar wall. This year we are trying something different. The students all have their own calendar journals. The pages match the one in the picture backed by blue. It is still a work in progress, but eventually the kids will do calendar with a partner and little assistance from me. (In my dreams, of course.)

This area is the beginnings of the poetry station. The kids each have a poetry journal to illustrate poems or create their own. Also, many Shel Silverstein books, whom I LOVE! And the kids think his picture are hilarious!
And of course, our listening station. I'm digging the shower caddies from Target that just happen to hold everything perfectly! And this time I added a bulletin board to post "I Can..." list (thank you, Debbie Diller) and future listening response sheets to be proud of.
And of course I had a little bit of free time this summer, so I created these cute little animal pictures. I do love decoupage! And I can't turn down lanterns... ever.
And last, but not least, check out our door! I am learning quickly that second grade is indeed a roar.
(And please pardon the rhyme, it just happens these days.)

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