Sunday, September 4, 2011

What is this?!?

Sometimes you just run across things or pictures that make you smile. Well, back in the winter, when it was freezing cold and we were eternally trapped in the house... we found some ways to keep ourselves occupied. 

And I must say as well, that Betsy's Nanna helps up in this area. The following pictures are a gift from Nanna. Introducing the "Snap-uggy" (combination Snuggy blanket with snaps) 

Betsy getting snapped into the Snap-uggy.  

 Trying to figure our all the snaps on the Snap-uggy.   
TA-DA!!! Got it snapped!

 "See you suckers later, I'm off to flaunt my new threads."

And I didn't have to be too jealous, 
because Betsy is good at sharing.
I call this pose my "T-Rex" arms. Rooooaaaarrrr!

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  1. T Rex arms? Orrrr, do you mean, Cee Lo Green arms? Because, same thing.