Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tie Skirts, for when you have some extra neck ties laying around...

Back in high school, which was far longer than I would like to remember, I had a bunch of ties. Not because I wear ties. And not because I raided my dad's closet. Because VBS was making snakes out of ties, and there were lots of extras. So, on my way to being a hoarder, I said I would take them off their hands with no plans for the ties yet. 

But I was also in a sewing class at school. Not because I didn't know how but because I wanted an excuse to create. It was magical. So I decided to cut the ties apart and make a skirt. I didn't have a pattern for this, just an idea. Which is why it is far from perfectionist work. It took a looooong time to finish since I had to rip open each tie, sew them all together, and then stitch the backs back up. But when I did finish, and got the nerve up to wear it, it was quite a reaction. I had sort of forgotten that the ties belonged to men at my home church. And that now I was wearing their ties. And they weren't expecting it. As you can imagine, I made quite a stir with people pointing out their own ties and and asking who the others belonged to. It was very amusing. 

I am in the process of making another one for a friend. She had half of the ties and here is a  picture of the process.

I have to say, a tie skirt goes with EVERYTHING. And yet doesn't really match anything. Just my style. 


  1. Would you wear this with your Merrells?

  2. Yes, it would look soooo cute. And I know you and Heather would get a kick out of it :)