Sunday, March 4, 2012


Our weather this past month has certainly had it's up and downs... One of the downs includes a good bit of rain. And I'm not so much opposed to rain (it makes some great napping background music), but I am opposed to what it leaves on our sidewalk. You might think I mean worms, which, yes indeed, are rather gross. But no, not worms. Snails. Lots and lots of snails. And I don't mean like 1 or 2 cute little snails, I mean like thousands!!! Okay, well maybe not thousands, but about 20. And if you've seen how relatively small our sidewalk is, you will know the percentage of surface area that was a sea of snails. 

So, that is gross enough to be the end of this post, but that is not the end of my rant. If you have ever heard me talk about the cicadas that attacked last year, then you will know my frustration with the snails. Well, no, snails don't actually attack like cicadas that land on your nose and then stick with their little sticky legs, but they do leave a little slime in their path. 

Also, possibly, when I come in at night and forget to turn the light on, and forget about the snail epidemic, I might *CRUNCH* through the snail shells as I walk down the sidewalk. It's just too hard to avoid. They are EVERYWHERE, as were the cicadas. Here is a a close-up of the before of what the snail on the bottom of my shoe would have looked like. 
Lucky for you, I don't have a picture of the after snail. But believe me when I say it was GROOOSSSS!

Bring back the worms... at least they don't make a CRUNCH...

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