Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cookin' Up Somethin' Fun

I don't stalk on many blogs regularly, but there is one that I feel obligated to. She is witty and fun. She is creative and has great taste. She doesn't take life too seriously and gives things away constantly. What could be better than that??? Her name is Pioneer Woman. Well, her real name is Ree, but she lives on a ranch in Oklahoma. And she nicknames everyone. It's cute and endearing. 

Anywho, my roommate and I LOVE to make yummy recipes from her cookbooks. She has the prettiest, colorful cookbooks with very scrumptious foods. She cooks with butter. And I mean a LOT of butter. Not that I would ever judge on that account. So, here are some pictures of the amazing cinnamon rolls from her cook book. It is quite a process to cook them, but totally worth the work. And it make enough to serve about 20 people, so we always make friends with this as well.
Here is the dough growing with the yeast. 

Looks kinda gross, but trust me, it isn't. At all.

All those pans, that is what will earn us friends...

So we roll out half of the dough. Don't be scared of the knife, we just like to look serious about our cooking. Inside of that roll is tons of butter, sugar and cinnamon. YUM!

Here they are looking a little bit prettier.

After they have baked...

I can practically smell them now. 

And then smothered in the maple flavored icing. Delicious! 

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