Thursday, August 2, 2012

Do I have a baby?

Several months ago, I was eating lunch in the teacher's lounge and received a disturbing email. It was titled "What to expect in your 36th week of pregnancy". Why am I getting this??? Who sent this to me? Do I LOOK like I'm 36 weeks pregnant? This is curious. And yet funny. Someone will surely confess to this well played prank.

So we laughed about it.  A few days later, I received more email subscriptions about which car seat is best for baby and which stroller is best for mommy. Still no confession of any friends. 

This continues for a few weeks, then I begin getting things in the mail from Similac. Thanks for the deals, Similac, but I'm not sure I'm there yet. 

Then one of my favorite things I got in the mail: Information on the benefits of keeping my supposed baby's umbilical cord. If I could find the baby, maybe I would find the umbilical cord as well!

Another thing I received in the mail... a trial subscription to Baby magazine. Never mind that I did read one issue and learned some interesting information. Needed to know? Nope. 

Then the last and most hilariously awkward delivery. Actual baby formula. Similac is apparently VERY generous. Thanks for that. 

All to say, I am UBBER prepared for a baby. Good use of my summer time off...

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