Tuesday, September 11, 2012

America's Future

What a week it has been! Last week we had only four days and on top of that, we had 2 big achievement tests, along with guidance. Translation: not much teaching time. But we hit the ground running this week and I have been impressed and amused by their writing. The program we are using this year encourages young writers to free write everyday and work towards a longer writing stamina. I honestly doubted the program, but now they are hitting their stride. They are choosing to write more and the mechanics aren't quite as horrendous as before. Here are some samples of a few. This one was about the peaches we had for snack one day. I love this picture. 
 This one was about a student who was in a wedding with her cousin. She had a lot to say.
 This was one of my favorites. She wrote about her Dad paying bills and how much he hates paying bills. So he called the company and told them how he felt. I can relate to that!
 Here's one about a little sister. Cute.
 Another story about a brother who had a well-played prank. And a well-written story as well.
 A story all about video games. Seems to be a popular topic in our class.

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