Friday, October 26, 2012

October Is Happening!

It has been a while since I've blogged, which means this will be a hodge-podge of information. 

Let's begin with the number 1 reason for loving October. See below picture. It is important. It is yummy. It is essential to my happiness and well-being.
Let's discuss the second reason to love October. I LOVE the colors of gourds that grow in the fall. This year, my Dad's garden grew lots of pumpkins and various gourds. When I went to my parents' house, the steps were covered with them! So, generously, I decided to load some into my car. So that they could have their steps back, of course. I'm very selfless like this. 
Next on the agenda. Fall break. Sadly, it is already behind us, but it was a very relaxing and enjoyable break. And of course, I did some crafting over the break. I was at my Grandmother's the weekend before and she had an adorable patchwork pumpkin she had made. I decided I needed to make one as well. But a simpler version because, let's be honest, my patience level isn't anywhere close to my Grandmother's. Trust me. It ended up being the easiest, fastest project I've done in a while! Love it! The pictures are before I glued the little stick stems on, but you get the idea. I put them in my classroom, and the kids loved them just as much. And touched them just as much, but that is another story for another time.  
Another first, fun event in October. The COLOR RUN! I had never participated in this, let alone heard of it. But here's the gist. It is a 5k run/ walk for anyone of any age in downtown Nashville. As you run, there are 4 color stations where they squirt you with colored cornstarch. The runners are encouraged to wear white, to enhance the color experience. 

It was seriously the most fun race EVER! I was very proud of the 7 of us for running the whole thing. I for one did NOT train enough. It was an awesome time! Below are before and after pictures from the car. As we sat in the parking lot... for a whiiiile.

Well, that's probably enough reasons for loving October, right? I will have a new one after tomorrow when I visit the FLEA MARKET! I have high hopes...

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