Sunday, February 6, 2011

Becoming a REAL adult...

I have been in my own home now for about 5 years, I recently realized, which pretty much makes me a real adult. Don't you agree? Along with being an adult comes inviting people into my home. So, last week I had the honor of all four grandparents and my own two parents coming to my house for dinner.
The real challenge here is always making food that is near the realm of amazingness compared to all of them. No easy task, I tell you. So this is the menu I decided on: fried pork tenderloin (because everything is better fried) with baked potatoes, rolls and green beans. (Note please that I have no idea how to actually make green beans appetizing, seeing as how you could dip them in chocolate and they would STILL seem unappealing to me. Don't fret, I figured it out with some help.) And to top the meal, which was rather tasty, was the dessert that my mom brought. She made a delicious pineapple cake with vanilla ice cream as well as a strawberry shortcake. Nice choices. Throw coffee into the mix, and I am beginning to salivate all over again. (Can't have that, might get messy on the keyboard... sleeves are great help for this problem.)

Anyways, we had a lovely time enjoying each other's company, eating entirely too much, and discussing all the very much un-dinner topics (religious opinions, politics, the new health plan, and of course my marital status). But overall, a very fun time. Here are some pictures from the
night (because the first thing that happens as the door opens is incessant flashing).

I'm very thankful to have such wonderful people in my life, and especially blessed to have had them visit.

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